Flirtation Two Step

Category: Irish Two-Hand

This is danced in Jig Time, starting with all couples in a circle around the room. The lady and gent start facing each other, holding hands wide, left hand in right, with the gent facing out of the circle and the lady facing into the centre. They dance in a clockwise direction to begin.
Description and Notes from Apples In Winter by Pat Murphy. Reproduced with permission.

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Figure 1: Repeating (Jig)

16 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Sweep The gent steps to his left on his right foot (in front of the left), brings his left foot across behind to place it left of the right one. Then, still moving to his left (anticlockwise), he brings the right foot to a position behind the left and finally brings the left forward in front to his left again, pointing it forward. The lady mirrors his movements, starting on her left foot and dancing corresponding steps as she faces him all the time. They both move anticlockwise around the room.
2 Dip Holding inside hands only (gents right and lady’s left), they both step forward anticlockwise, gent on his right foot and lady on her left foot and "dip",or almost genuflect, then step back, gent on his left foot and lady on her right and dance 123 (gent RLR and lady LRL). 2
3 Repeat Facing each other holding two hands again they now dance the same sequence back in a clockwise direction, starting on the opposite foot - the gent starts on his left this time and the lady starts on her right. 4
4 Dance Forward Couples now face anticlockwise again, side by side holding inside hands, with the gent on the inside and dance forward, gent RLR, LRL RLR, L, R and lady LRL, RLR, LRL, R, L. 4
5 Step Sideways The gent and lady now step away sideways from each other, the gent dancing L, R, L, hop L and lady dancing R, L, R, hop R, both of them clapping on the last beat, then dance forward, gent R, L, R, L and lady L, R, L, R, to take each others’ right hands in left and start the sequence again. 4
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