Duke Reel

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This is a round dance for three couples making a triangular formation.
Couples are numbered 1, 2 and 3 going clockwise around the formation.
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Dance (Reel)

232 Bars + 8 bar lead-in

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1 Everyone
Rings All holding hands, sevens to the right, dance two short threes in place. Sevens to the left and dance two short threes in home place.
2 Sides This movement begins the body.
Partners sevens past each other (gents behind), dance two short threes in the spot, and sevens back to place (gents in front), finishing with two short threes. (8b)
Sevens with the person next to you, gents going left and in front, ladies going right and behind.  Finish with two short threes.  Repeat going the other direction to end back home. (8b)
3 Link arms Partners link right arms and dance around each other clockwise (2b).  Gents link left arms with the lady on his original left and turn counter-clockwise (2b).  Repeat the links with your partner and with your corner (4b). 8
4 Interlace Partners face each other and pass by right shoulders.  Pass the next person by left shoulders.  Keep going around the circle, alternating shoulders, until home.  Dance the promenade step, and chain without taking hands.  Ladies travel clockwise; gents, counter-clockwise. 8
5 Advance and retire Everyone take hands in a ring.  Advance for two bars and retire for two bars.  Repeat, but on the retire, drop hands and change the set from a circle to a triangle with each couple forming a point. 8
6 Figure of eight Couple one dances in promenade step toward couple 2.  The lady passes between the other couple, followed by the gent.  The lady makes a figure 8 by dancing around the other lady first and then the gent while her gent dances around the other gent first and then the lady. (8b)
All four take hands in a ring and side-step clockwise, ending with two short threes (4b). The partners take both hands and swing back to home (4b).
7 Figure of eight 2x Couples two and three repeat the above, with couple two leading, then couples three and one repeat it with couple three leading. 32
8 Repeat 2 to 5 Dance the body. 40
9 Right and left chain Couples one and two chain by taking right hands with the opposite person and dancing to their position.  Gents turn right, ladies turn left, and dance to the next position around the ring, taking left hands with their partner.  Continue the chain to home.
Partners take crossed hand hold, dance around the other couple, and back home.
Couples two and three repeat the above, followed by couples three and one.
10 Right and left chain 2x Couples two and three repeat the above, followed by couples three and one. 32
11 Repeat 2 to 5 Dance the body. 40
12 Swing around Partners hold both hands, ladies crossed right over left, and swing counter-clockwise around the set with promenade step. 8
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